Proof Of Funds Letter

Private Money Utah is able to provide proof of funds letters to real estate investors that are serious about purchasing an investment property and using Private Money Utah as the lender. Because of the competitive nature of investment property purchases, our proof of funds letters are helping our borrowers get more properties under contract and more deals closed!

What is a Proof of Funds Letter?

  • A proof of funds letter allows you to submit a competitive offer on an investment property purchase by showing a seller that you have enough funds to purchase the property. Asset-based lenders like Private Money Utah can approve you for a loan regardless of your credit or income.
  • A proof of funds letter is submitted with your offer to purchase, to show a seller that you are already approved for a line of credit to purchase the property.
  • Our loans can fund in days, not weeks. This is why offers made with our proof of funds letters are often treated the same as “all-cash” offers.

What are you waiting for? Start making competitive offers today using a proof of funds letter from Private Money Utah.

How to Get a Proof of Funds Letter:

To prepare the proof of funds letter, we need the following information:

  1. Property address
  2. Buyer name
  3. Offer price

If you have never borrowed funds from Private Money Utah in the past, there is a one-time fee of $199 for unlimited proof of funds letters once you are pre-approved by Private Money Utah. If you close a loan with Private Money Utah, this $199 fee will be credited back towards your loan closing costs. Once this fee is paid, Private Money Utah will issue you proof of funds letters at no charge as you continue to make offers on investment properties.

To get started, please fill out the form below, or email your request to [email protected] with subject line of the email as: Request for Proof of Funds.

Once you make your request using the form below, or by sending an email to us, we will contact you to provide a secure, online payment method for submitting the one-time fee of $199. Private Money Utah is a reputable lender in business since 2008 with a 5-star rating on Google. If you want to talk to us, please call our office direct to: 435-565-1768.