Loan Programs

Our Hard Money Loan Programs

Residential Rehab Loans

Are you seeking a loan to make repairs to a residential property?

Residential rehab loans from Private Money Utah are available to real estate investors of all experience levels for residential properties and multifamily. No minimum credit score required.

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Residential Bridge Loans

Looking for a loan to get you from Point A to Point B?

Or, is the bank taking too long to approve your loan? For fast closings, short-term loan needs, and other “band-aid” loan solutions, our bridge loan program is designed to solve problems and create opportunities for our borrowers.

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Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial real estate investors, look no further!

Our commercial bridge loans are designed for speed and flexibility, and we lend on a variety of commercial property types. No minimum credit score required.

When the bank can’t get it done, why not let Private Money Utah fund your next commercial bridge loan?

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Land Loans and Construction Loans

Seeking a hard money loan on land or for a construction project?

Private Money Utah provides land loans, pre-construction development loans, and commercial construction loans.

Our commercial construction loans are competitively priced as compared with other hard money lenders.

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Disclosure: PRIVATE MONEY UTAH is not offering to buy or sell securities. PRIVATE MONEY UTAH is a loan wholesaler. PRIVATE MONEY UTAH is not a licensed residential mortgage loan originator in any State and does not offer financing for residential properties, consumer loans, or loans for household use.