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Common FAQ about Hard Money Loans

What is the Difference between a Hard Money Lender and a Fee Collector?

As with any type of business, there are good companies and there are bad companies. It is the same thing

6 Items You Need to Close a Rehab Loan Fast

Because so few banks will lend on vacant properties in need of repair, it is often a hard money lender

6 Steps To Close a Hard Money Loan Fast

Because every hard money lender has different requirements, it is difficult to say all the items you will need. However,

How to Fund a Hard Money Loan Quickly Part 1

If a loan has to be funded quickly, the Loan to Value is a factor which determines how quickly the

How to Fund a Hard Money Loan Quickly Part 2

I found a few good items that I wanted to add to this checklist. In an older article out of

How to Fund a Hard Money Loan Quickly Part 3

I wanted to continue the thread, from a couple of previous posts, on the topic of ‘getting your deals funded

Check list for fast loan closings

Most investors who seek private or hard money need it fairly quickly. Reasons can include: –Other Notes coming due –An

Requirements of Private Money Lenders

A private money lender won’t even look at your loan request unless you first have an Executive Summary. What is

Exit Strategy for borrowing hard money

Once you’ve made the decision to borrow private money, you must know what your exit strategy is and you should

Top four scams in hard money to watch out for

There are a lot of bad hard money lenders in the private money lending space. Because it is not regulated as