6 Feb


The Future of Fix and Flips: Navigating 2024’s Real Estate Challenges

Since the peak in the first quarter of 2022, the number of home flips nationally has been on a steady… Continue Reading

30 Mar


Loans for Rental Property Allow Investors to Leverage Portfolios

When real estate investors use cash or equity to purchase properties, loans for rental property allow them to leverage their portfolios. The interest rates paid on these loans is less than the higher rates of return that these real estate investors can earn if their equity is working in new projects.

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8 Sep


Keep Open Door Policy with Your Hard Money Lender

When a real estate rehab project is starting to go sideways, never shut the door on your hard money lender. Maintaining strong, open communication with your hard money lender on a real estate project is your best chance of success.

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20 Aug


New Trends in Private Money Loans

In the private money lending space, there are new technology driven trends that are being tried, tested, and of course, copied by others at break neck speed. In fact, the financial technology sector has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, churning out startups such as Square, the money transfer startup ‘TransferWise,’ and so many others.

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18 May


Rehabbing a Property? 3 Options for Your Next Rehab Loan

hether you’re seeking to fix up a property you already own, or you’re buying a property to fix up, loans for rehab are essential for real estate investors. But what type of financing is out there for real estate investors who are rehabbing their investment properties?

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