Loans for Investment Property at Lowest Rates in Years

Investment property loan rates

Private money lenders have been leading the way in loans for investment property in the past several years. Although banks are lending on primary homes, most of them still won’t touch investment properties. For real estate investors who are seeking to purchase or refinance their investment properties, private money lenders are one of the only sources of financing. The good news is that interest rates charged on loans for investment property are at their lowest in many years.

Interest rates on private money loans are NOT affected by the same forces that affect bank rates. But then what governs interest rates on non-bank loans? Supply and demand is the largest force that governs interest rates on private money loans for investment property. With a larger supply of loans for investment property, interest rates are slowing going down in some markets. For example in Southern California, a larger number of private money lenders in the non-bank lending space have started lending money. The larger supply of loans for investment property in Southern California has slowly pushed rates down. This is obviously good news for real estate investors in Southern California that can’t qualify for bank loans. (Read more about how other real estate investors are bypassing the bank and using real estate loans to accomplish their goals this year: )

If you’ve never used private money lenders to finance your investment properties before, it can be a much faster and hassle free way to acquire new properties. For those who desperatedly need to refinance properties already owned, private money loans are a good alternative for refinances until an exit on the property can be reached. Or to submit a loan request or an inquiry, please fill out a short form on our contact page:

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