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Private Money Utah offers fast funding, we are a direct lending source, and get your deal done.

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8 Feb


Why Hard Money is Better Than Taking on A Partner To Make A Profit

Aren’t the interest rates on hard money loans just ridiculously high? Why would anyone borrow hard money funds rather than […]

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5 Feb


What’s the difference between a hard money loan and bank loan?

Many people have this question, especially if they’ve never gotten a hard money loan before. So I’m going to tell […]

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22 Jan


How to get a hard money loan in 24 hours

    Video Transcription Every day someone approaches me and they wanna close a loan quickly sometimes in 24 hours. […]

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Private Money Utah BBB Business Review

“I had 3 properties that came to market at the same time and needed to close all of them at the same time. I didn’t have the cash to close them all on my own so I contacted Private Money Utah.

They worked fast (called me back on a Saturday) and helped me do all 3 properties in less than a week.

Very impressed with their speed and professionalism.”

Mark B. – Park City, UT