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12 Jan


Property won’t sell? What to do if you have a hard money loan

If you are a fix and flip investor, you may be holding a property that just won’t sell. Whether it’s… Continue Reading

29 Dec


Don’t Risk It! Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance for Your Investment Property

Table of Contents Liability Insurance Builder’s Risk Insurance Theft Insurance & Vandalism Insurance Vacant and Unoccupied Dwellings Rental Insurance Coverage… Continue Reading

21 Dec


How to Buy a BRRRR With a Hard Money Loan

What does BRRRR mean? “Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat,” is a new initialism to describe a classic, real estate investment… Continue Reading

Private Money Utah BBB Business Review

“I had 3 properties that came to market at the same time and needed to close all of them at the same time. I didn’t have the cash to close them all on my own so I contacted Private Money Utah.

They worked fast (called me back on a Saturday) and helped me do all 3 properties in less than a week.

Very impressed with their speed and professionalism.”

Mark B. – Park City, UT